Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Tips and Tools for Locating Reputable Auto Shippers in Florida

If you are thinking of transporting your vehicle from Florida to California, you should hire a vehicle transporter because it costs less than relocating the vehicle yourself. You can locate number of auto transport companies in Florida for moving your vehicle but you cannot trust them all because of the inexperienced and fake auto transporters. The safety of your vehicle is important which requires you to hire an expert company for the successful auto relocation. 

A number of ways can help you to locate a reputable auto transporter in the Florida. However, following are most practical:

Seek Recommendations

 In order to locate a trusted auto shipper, you must seek recommendations from the friends and family who have prior experience of shipping vehicle. This will help you to know the hassles involved in auto shipping process as well as how to deal with the auto transporters. In addition, you may be able to get a referral of a professional vehicle shipping company located in Florida.


Internet surfing is another way of locating reliable auto transporters in Florida. By browsing the websites of vehicle transport companies, you can easily locate an auto shipper for moving your vehicle. The use of internet will allow you to explore and compare the services of auto transporters that will enable you to hire a competitive company. However, prior to finalizing your deal, you must use the following three tools to determine to reliability of the car shipping company:

SaferSys Database

The Federal Moving Carrier and SafetyAdministration (FMCSA) allow customers to access the safety record of the car shipping companies by using SaferSys database. By entering the official name or DOT number of your auto shipper in the search bar, you can confirm its legitimacy. In addition, the safety record will enable you to check whether company has unresolved complaints on its account or not. Thoroughly analyze the safety record and make sure the company is registered properly.

Car Transport Quotes:

All professional companies offer free of charge car transport quotes. However, some non-reputed auto shipping companies require a deposit for requesting a quote. You should not consider the companies asking you to pay for quotes.

Auto Transport Reviews:

The auto transport reviews are useful for determining the reputation of a company from customers’ point of view. The reading of customer reviews enables you to know the experience of past customers with the company. Hence, this way you will also be able to determine the repute of the company.

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