Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Top Tips to Move Safely to another Place

The biggest question for me while I moved from Florida toKansas was how to ship my bicycle and car safely with all the other stuff on my list? My father was shifting due to his job and we all had to shift. I changed my job and had to make sure I would not let my mother down if I stayed alone.

I took advantage of my friend’s knowledge that had a recent moving experience. She told me that to ship my car safely from one state to another I would have to choose a good car transport company with exceptionally excellent services as well.


I took over some phone calls, looked around, gathered my stats about different companies and finally hired one good company. It cost me a little over my budget but I was able to safely shift up my car and other vehicles. I also hired movers and packers to get our entire house shifted literally.
The tips I want to share with you guys are as follows while you hire any good company:
  •          Always try to get as much information on the companies in your area as you can. The information you get will be good enough for you to know about the companies.
  •         Always look at the custom laws and the country regulations to which you are shifting to and from where you are leaving. You do not want to mess around with moving laws, to last you into prison.
  •        Always look on to the fact that you have to make up a budget of moving and transporting your car. Without a budget, you would spend a lot on the moving and buying of new things while you shift.

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Save Money on Transporting Vehicle to Far Location

Almost everyone faces confusions when a vehicle is required to move from a point “A” to point “B”. Normally, people do not need to transport a vehicle which is why they do not know how to ship vehicles. Some people drive while many others hire auto transport companies ( for getting the job done. Both ways are being used but which way is feasible depends on few factors. Therefore, if you are confused whether to hire vehicle transporter or to relocate vehicle on your own, following information may help you making the right decision.

Usually, vehicle relocation is required when:

  •          Someone purchases vehicle from another state
  •             Someone shifting home and want vehicle to be transported

In both cases, distance is the main factor that will enable you to decide which way is better. For example, if you purchase a vehicle from a city about 50 KM away from your destination, then relocating it on your own seems feasible. However, what if the distance is about 4000 KM? Surely, driving on such a long track does not seem good because it is tiring and time taking. Therefore, in these situations, when a vehicle is required to move to a far location, it is better to choose vehicle shipping services.

It is advantageous in many ways. All you need is to entrust your vehicle to a trusted vehicle transport company. It will not only be relaxing and time saving but will also save money on transporting vehicle with an auto mover. The transportation statistics say that the cost to ship a car hardly exceeds the travelling expenditures, when a vehicle is moved to a distant location. Especially, when you are shifting home, it is ideal to handover this responsibility to someone that knows how to move a car carefully. Thus, vehicle transportation is cost effective, time saving, and convenient which is why you should prefer it for transporting vehicle to far location.

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Benefits of Enclosed Car Transportation and Car Shipping Insurance

Even though vehicle shippers (AutoTransportDepot.Com) take special care of car while it is being transported, but you cannot take risk. This is why getting car shipping insurance and choosing enclosed car transportation is very important. Choosing both while requesting quotes is an ideal for securing your car shipping insurance. Here is a little information why you should prefer car shipping insurance and enclosed car carriers:

Enclosed Transportation

Open and enclosed vehicle transportation are the two main methods for transporting vehicles across the country. Open is the most traditional way of relocating cars but it is recommended to ship car in enclosed car carriers if you are not short of money. Five to seven vehicles are being transported at a same time, which is why chances of scratches and other damages increase in open transportation. In addition, if you are transporting a car whose exterior is sensitive, then it might be affected of bad weather during relocation. Therefore, you should choose enclosed transportation in which the vehicle is stored inside a container for transportation. It offers great protection as compared to any other method of getting vehicles shipped safely. However, it is expensive but people, who know the worth of having a car, will not consider this factor.

Car Shipping Insurance

You may be advised not to get a car shipping insurance because your own vehicle insurance is enough. This is not true in most cases because there are few insurance companies that include auto transportation in their insurance coverage for vehicles. Even if your vehicle insurance covers it, the amount would not be enough. Therefore, you should get a separate car shipping insurance regardless of the status of your vehicle insurance. There are number of reasons why you should get a car shipping insurance. The foremost is the probability of vehicle being mishandled by auto shipper. In any case, car shipping company will be liable if anything goes wrong while your vehicle is transported. However, it depends on coverage amount also. Therefore, if you thing the coverage amount is not enough, ask car transporter to provide additional coverage amount. It may increase your vehicle shipping rates but will secure your transportation process. Along with these, do not forget to read the terms and conditions of insurance policy. Make sure you get everything in written form signed by the company. It is necessary to keep documented proof of insurance policy.

Friday, 17 August 2012

Car Shipping Options

If you are thinking of shipping your vehicle across the country, you may want to know the process and relevant information on car shipping process. The following information will help you to beware of the whole process and in making an informed choice to have a worry free experience.

Cost of Vehicle Shipping Services

The first thing you would want to know how much does it cost to ship a car? The cost varies company to company but to get economical car shipping rates, you must get multiple quotes from various companies and be ready to provide following information:
  •          Pick up and drop off location including Zip codes
  •          Type of vehicle
  •          Preferred vehicle transport options
  •          Sort of vehicle(s)

Vehicle Transport Options

In order to get an accurate quote to be able to make right decisions, knowing your vehicle transport requirements is imperative. You will be given following options for shipping car among which you will have to pick up those that meeting your requirements best:

  •         Delivery Services: The car shipping companies give you to option of either shipping vehicle at your doorstep or receive it from a terminal point of company. Your decision should be based on your feasibility and budget. If you are not willing to pay more for shipping vehicle, you should choose terminal-to-terminal services because it is inexpensive. The cost of door-to-door delivery services is high because it disconnects the auto mover from the main route, which consumes more fuel.

  •        Auto Trailers: You will need to choose between open and enclosed transportation. There are different approaches regarding selection of auto carriers. However, most people agree to choose enclosed car carriers only when they need to transport classic or luxury cars. Otherwise, open car carriers are safe and inexpensive.

  •         Functional and Non-Functional Vehicles: You will also need to inform auto shipper about condition of your vehicle. Operable or functional vehicles are easy to load on trailers while non-functional vehicles need special equipments to be driven onto the truck. Therefore, make sure you inform car shipper about functionality of your vehicle in advance.

  •         Car Shipping Insurance: You will also need to determine whether you need a car shipping insurance or not. For that to decide, you should call your insurance company to know the status of your own car insurance policy. If it covers your vehicle for auto transportation, do not get a separate insurance.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

A Guide to Online Vehicle Purchasing

Nowadays, many people are inclined towards purchasing vehicles through online auctions like EBay and Autodesk. Online purchasing enables people to purchase their dream vehicles at affordable rates. However, due to growing online frauds, many customers have concerns about purchasing vehicle and giving certain details online. However, it is a fact that people who get scammed are among ill-prepared customers. It is quite strange that people spend a week online for a trip to US, but do not research prior to buying a $25,000 car. 

The key to avoid online fraudsters is to be aware of simple online shopping tips. Here are some of the important points you should be considering while purchasing a vehicle online:

  •        Always, consider websites that are referred to you by credible sources or familiar. For example, EBay, Autodesk, Carsdirect, are are some of familiar and reliable online auctions for purchasing vehicles.

  •          Everything runs through your browser therefore, make sure your browser is set at a highest level of security monitoring. Moreover, it is advised to use up to date versions of your browsers as a recent version often comes up with improved security features. Internet Explorer and Netscape browsers are considered best for this purpose.

  •              When dealing with an automotive dealer online, do not forget to make a record of its landline number, postal address, and account number. If these are unavailable, do not consider doing business with it.

  •         Check payment method as it is a viable way of knowing reliability of dealers. Scammers will require you to make full payment in advance and mostly they ask you to transfer it via Western Union. However, reliable automotive dealers have always their own traceable accounts and they never ask for a full deposit in advance.

  •        Since, you will need car shipping services for shipping your vehicle to home, make sure the dealer knows all the required documentation and preparation required prior to transporting vehicle.

  •           Never ever, disclose your cars PIN number to anyone including the automotive dealer you are doing business with.

  •           Prior to considering an automotive dealer, you must check its ratings and comments by past buyers.

  •          It is always recommended to compare different automotive dealers. It will enable you to identify the one offering the same vehicle at competitive prices.

       These seven points will surely help you to avoid online scams while purchasing vehicles online.

Friday, 3 August 2012

Tips for Avoiding Online Car Shipping Scams

Nowadays, vehicles have become an integral part of everyone’s life due to which vehicle sales/purchase is increasing exponentially. People are frequently purchasing vehicles from automotive dealers. Along with this increase in vehicle purchase, demand for quality vehicle transport services is also increasing also. Statistics show that most people are purchasing vehicles from online auctions like E-bay and auto selling sites, which is why they need auto shipping services for shipping newly purchased vehicles to desired addresses

Since online car purchasing is increasing, demand for vehicle shipping services is increasing and along with these two, there is growing online auto transport scamming. Therefore, customers are required to beware of it. Number of online auto shipping companies that apparently seem to be legitimate but in fact, they are not. Therefore, it is advised to verify the company’s accreditation properly prior to sending money or signing contract. By considering following important information, you can easily avoid these scammers:

Never Pay in Advance

Inexperienced as well as fake companies ask people to deposit a full shipping fee in advance that you should not. Most of the companies ask you to pay after shipping while some others demand a portion of fee in advance. Prefer dealing with the company asking you to pay after shipping.

Never Pay through Western Union

All legitimate and professional car transporters have their own traceable accounts. So, you should not pay to a company, if it is asking you to pay via Western Union.

Check SaferSys Information

You must ask the company to provide its registration details and verify it with FMCSA’s SaferSysdatabase. Scammers would not provide DOT number because they are never registered with Department of Transportation. However, if a company is providing you its DOT detail, you should log onto Safersys.Org to check its safety record and other registration details. Carefully analyze the information to make sure it is registered as well as insured. Moreover, check safety record to see its rating by Federal Motor Carrier and Safety Administration (FMCSA). It will enable you to judge whether auto shipper meets the auto shipping standards or not.