Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Car Shipping – A Feasible Option to Move Cars across Country

If you have plans to move your car to a distant location, you have following options to do it:

  •        Drive to move it on your own
  •        Hire car towing services
  •        Avail car shipping services

Driving and towing services both are infeasible options when it comes to moving a car to far location. Driving is often tiring when the distance is greater. Even driving enthusiasts would not like by road, as it is hurting for both driver as well as vehicle. Besides, it includes travelling expenses such as lodging and fuel cost. On the other side, if you look for car towing service, it might cost you less. Nevertheless, it is never recommended for long distances. The car is not driven but dragged down which is not best for your car. It could damage vehicle during transportation. Towing services are usually hired for malfunction and inoperable vehicles that stuck in middle of road. People hire car towers for their car towing to desired address. Therefore, one must not choose driving or towing for relocating vehicle.

Car shipping services are considered best for long distance moves. Auto shippers transport car without having to drive it, which saves vehicle from long distance maintenance issues. Besides, it saves you from overwhelming driving experience. On top of all, you save a considerable amount of money s compared to relocating vehicle on your own. According to various transportation experts, shipping car costs about 10% to 30% less as compared to travelling expenditures of moving car on your own.
Thus, you should consider this option whenever you need to move across country. While you will be travelling via an expedited transportation mode, you car will be transported to the desired location within the given span. However, auto transportation is not simple as it appears. It does not only require you to strive for a reliable car transporter but also selection of shipping option is confusing too. Nonetheless, it can be made easy, if you do proper research to know entire process before actually getting into it.

Use of internet is great to do through search. With that, you have plentiful options to come up with affordable as well as reliable car shipping company. Besides, you can take advantage of online tools such as safer web system, BBB search a business, and customers’ reviews to prevent yourself from auto moving frauds. In all, auto shipping is best when you know everything about the process and ensuring your car safety. Therefore, make sure you do your homework before actually dealing with an auto mover.

Friday, 23 November 2012

Do Not Risk Your Life – Adopt Safe Driving Habits

Having car is a big comfort, but being rash driver can hurt your car as well as you. You can recover your car from accident, but life does not give a second chance. Therefore, you ought to understand the rules of staying safe while driving vehicle. A recent research reveals the fact that more you drive per hour, the more are the chances of getting involved in accident. Unfortunately, despite of strict rules and regulations, number of accidents each year is increasing at a staggering rate. Therefore, it has become imperative for drivers to comply with rules and adopt defensive driving habits. It is the only way, which can help to reduce accidents causing thousands of injuries and deaths each year. Here are general tips for safe driving:

“Drinking and Driving Do not Mix”

It is an old true adage that most drivers should know. About 30% fatalities due to accident in United States involved drunk drivers. Most of the accidents could result less or no damage, if the drivers were not drunk. Therefore, while you are under influence of any drug, you are advised not to drive. Even if you think you can drive while you are drunk, do not do it.

Higher Speeds, Risk Increase
At a higher speed, chances of accidents increase at a staggering rate. Usually youngsters love fast drives but it is against law and safety rules. Whether you are getting late or driving fast for fun, make sure you do not break laws. While you get on a road, check the signboard informing you about speed limit. Driving fast is fun, but over speed may cost you your life.

Keep Your Eyes on the Road
Reminds me of the boy who just recently died in a car accident about two weeks ago. While driving fast, texting to friend, and updating Facebook status, he lost his control and finally lost life. It could happen to anyone, if driver does not know the importance of keeping eye on the road. In recent years, use of gadgets has increased and it has increased rate accidents due to distracted driving. This is the main reason why the States National Transportation Safety Board has called lawmakers to ban use of gadgets during drive. Therefore, comply with texting and gadget use rules. Concentrate on the road.

It is easy to stay safe while driving. Commitment with rules and regulations is what everyone needs to show. In all, everyone must know their rights as well as responsibilities when they are on road.

 Author Bio: Christina is a writer working for a network of auto transport companies. Her writings covers transportation problems, auto transport reviews and testimonials, relocation analysis, consumer affairs and vehicle shipping, and many more. She also is a car enthusiasts..

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Focus on What Are You Getting Against What Have You Paid

In the current age, every one understands the need to hire professionals for effective and efficient services but majority of them do not understand the importance of efficient and reliable services instead of hiring cheap one. You will notice the same trend in the vehicle owners while making a selection of auto shipping company.
It is may be because of their limited purchasing power considering which they prefer cheap shipping services. Despite of this fact what they can afford, they should also focus what they are getting against the money they are paying to their hires auto mover. Sometimes the vehicle owners are only provided with drivers to move the vehicle, which is not a safe way. If driving the car is that beneficial then why not to drive it on your own. No doubt that the auto mover will take care of the fuel consumption and legal documentation involved in the process however, it is important to focus that car will be exposed to external factors like weather especially the tyres on which the car has to move.

Keep in mind that getting economical transportation services is not difficult you just have to list down the reliable and professional car movers to see which one you can afford to hire. For this, the best way is to compare their rates with each other. The process will be quite simple once you will list down all the reliable vehicle transporters. You just have to drop an email to your listed automobile transport company in order to get auto shipping quotes

Compare the shipping rates in accordance to the services the automobile shipper is willing to provide to make your selection for successful vehicle transportation. The story does not end here. Once you will select the company then you have to follow the proper protocol to hire it. it is always required to get things in writing in order to avoid any hassle in future. Once you will get the terms and conditions in writing the last step will be to read them in detail. Do not ignore even some itsy bitsy thing in your transportation contract. Some vehicle shipping companies usually include hidden rates in their contract by putting the asterisk sign in the section of price. Make sure that you know the explanation to all the signs if there are in your agreement. For this, you can call the helpline of your hires service provider anytime.

Monday, 19 November 2012

Myths and Truths of Auto Transportation

Like any other industry, fables and truths regarding auto transport industry and quality of service exist. These myths are common on which number of people believe just because other people do. In generally, when we hear something bad or good about something particular, we assume it true. However, most of these believe, misconceptions, or myths, are often not based on facts. Therefore, rather believing on these myths, one should do some research and directly ask from auto transporters related to car transportation needs.

Car transporters have special information and skills regarding auto transportation to tell customers better than others do. Therefore, do not trust people who do not have enough information on auto transport process. Taking directions from experts and skilled auto transporters is the best way to know how entire process goes.

Following are some of the common myths and truths about auto transport that one should know to have an exact idea about car shipping:

Terminal-to-Terminal Shipping is Inexpensive than Door-to-Door

If you never had car transport services, it will likely be the toughest thing to know what car delivery option is cost effective. In general, terminal-to-terminal shipping is considered least expensive. However, it can turn out to be the most expensive option in case of several scenarios. When you choose terminal-to-terminal services, your vehicle is dropped at depot from where you will have to collect it at exact time and date. If you fail to do so, it will be moved in storage point. As long as the vehicle remains in the storage, the car shipping rates increase. The car shipper charges extra amount for taking care and handling car for more time. In addition, in some cases, door-to-door transportation is cost effective such as desired address being near to terminal point. Therefore, instead of directly choosing depot-to-depot shipping, analyzing the options is important.

Depot-to-Depot Car Shipping Delays the Transportation

This is another biggest myth regarding auto transportation, which is seldom true. Whether it is depot-to-depot or door-to-door shipping, the time mainly depends on the availability of customers' to deliver and pick up the car.

Avoid Car Shippers and Deal With Auto Transport Brokers

It would be a good idea to choose a company that works as a broker as well as auto carriers. However, avoiding car shippers and preferring auto transport brokers can be beneficial but not always. The brokers require service charges for finding a particular auto carrier while directly dealing with carriers can save a considerable amount.

Cost to ship a car Exclusively Depends on Distance

This is not true. Cost to ship a car do depends on distance but not solely. There are several other factors as well such as type of carriers, car delivery option, and vehicle size.

Friday, 16 November 2012

National Transportation Safety Board Wants Crash Avoidance Gear in Every Car

While it has urged lawmakers to ban use of electronic devices to prevent distracted driving, the US National Transportation Safety Board has also suggested car-makers should be required to sell vehicles equipped with driver friendly technology. The term driver friendly technology refers here to the sort of options that will enable people to avoid collisions while driving. The board says, “It will reduce highway deaths.” Therefore, it believes that automakers should sell vehicles with crash avoidance gear.

The National Transportation Safety Board is a self-regulating agency of United States, which specifically studies and monitors the accidents occur on roads. It researches, makes reports, and suggests lawmakers on various import issues and safety changes to have safe transportation system. It believes that without proper rules and awareness, life saving in crashes is not possible. In its recent case, it has raised voice against use of electronic devices causing distracted driving and increasing rate of fatalities. Moreover, on Wednesdays, it suggestions were regarding on technology used in autos. The agency says use of technology helping drivers is imperative to prevent death rates in collisions.

On theoretical grounds, NTSB claims, if automakers come up with such kind of technology, which will help drivers in preventing collisions, the rate of accidents on highways will reduce up to 60%.

Author Bio:

Christina is an executive at auto transport depot (a network of auto movers ). Auto Transport Depot is a professional company working with the aim to provide quality car transportation services to its customers.

Monday, 12 November 2012

Classic Car Owners Must Use Expedited Car Delivery Services

Usually there are no safety concerns when it comes to transporting traditional or ordinary vehicles across country. But you certainly cannot compromise on the safety if the car is classic and extra ordinary. Special vehicles need exceptional and expedited services while they are moved to greater distances. For example if you need to move it across the country, driving can be quite daunting for both you and the car. While long drive can be a stressful activity for you, the car may exhaust as well. Therefore, you should avoid driving and choose auto-shipping services of a reliable company.

While you will be traveling via air or train, your car will be in transit to same location where you are moving. However, it requires you to choose expedited services. Transportation of classic or extraordinary car requires express services and special care. For that, you should not forget about following two essential services:

Enclosed Auto Transport Trailers

Without any doubt, open auto carriers are safe and cost effective. However, it is risky when it comes to transporting an extraordinary vehicle such as a convertible car. The vehicle is exposed to open air that means, it can get into roadside dangers. Therefore, to have risk free car shipping, you need advanced transportation mode such as an enclosed auto transport trailer. The car is stored and transported inside a closed container, which prevents it from outside risky factors. Unlike open carriers, enclosed trailers cover car completely which means there would not be any affects of changing climate on vehicle exterior. Even though it is on a little expensive side, but people who know the worth of having a classic car, would always be interested in expedited instead low cost services.

Car Shipping Insurance

Considering their own car insurance, many people ask auto movers to eliminate charges of auto transport insurance. It really reduces cost of shipping car to a considerable level but at the same time, it is equivalent to compromising on safety. Therefore, you should not be committing this mistake while dealing with an auto mover. The car transporters carry a minimum of $50,000 insurance, which is not enough if your car is damaged during transportation. Therefore, to avoid putting your car on risk, you should get your classic car fully insured. Check the automobile transport insurance policy details and regulations to see the type of damages for which your car is covered.

In order to get your exotic car transported safely, get vehicle shipping information from