Friday, 16 November 2012

National Transportation Safety Board Wants Crash Avoidance Gear in Every Car

While it has urged lawmakers to ban use of electronic devices to prevent distracted driving, the US National Transportation Safety Board has also suggested car-makers should be required to sell vehicles equipped with driver friendly technology. The term driver friendly technology refers here to the sort of options that will enable people to avoid collisions while driving. The board says, “It will reduce highway deaths.” Therefore, it believes that automakers should sell vehicles with crash avoidance gear.

The National Transportation Safety Board is a self-regulating agency of United States, which specifically studies and monitors the accidents occur on roads. It researches, makes reports, and suggests lawmakers on various import issues and safety changes to have safe transportation system. It believes that without proper rules and awareness, life saving in crashes is not possible. In its recent case, it has raised voice against use of electronic devices causing distracted driving and increasing rate of fatalities. Moreover, on Wednesdays, it suggestions were regarding on technology used in autos. The agency says use of technology helping drivers is imperative to prevent death rates in collisions.

On theoretical grounds, NTSB claims, if automakers come up with such kind of technology, which will help drivers in preventing collisions, the rate of accidents on highways will reduce up to 60%.

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