Friday, 23 November 2012

Do Not Risk Your Life – Adopt Safe Driving Habits

Having car is a big comfort, but being rash driver can hurt your car as well as you. You can recover your car from accident, but life does not give a second chance. Therefore, you ought to understand the rules of staying safe while driving vehicle. A recent research reveals the fact that more you drive per hour, the more are the chances of getting involved in accident. Unfortunately, despite of strict rules and regulations, number of accidents each year is increasing at a staggering rate. Therefore, it has become imperative for drivers to comply with rules and adopt defensive driving habits. It is the only way, which can help to reduce accidents causing thousands of injuries and deaths each year. Here are general tips for safe driving:

“Drinking and Driving Do not Mix”

It is an old true adage that most drivers should know. About 30% fatalities due to accident in United States involved drunk drivers. Most of the accidents could result less or no damage, if the drivers were not drunk. Therefore, while you are under influence of any drug, you are advised not to drive. Even if you think you can drive while you are drunk, do not do it.

Higher Speeds, Risk Increase
At a higher speed, chances of accidents increase at a staggering rate. Usually youngsters love fast drives but it is against law and safety rules. Whether you are getting late or driving fast for fun, make sure you do not break laws. While you get on a road, check the signboard informing you about speed limit. Driving fast is fun, but over speed may cost you your life.

Keep Your Eyes on the Road
Reminds me of the boy who just recently died in a car accident about two weeks ago. While driving fast, texting to friend, and updating Facebook status, he lost his control and finally lost life. It could happen to anyone, if driver does not know the importance of keeping eye on the road. In recent years, use of gadgets has increased and it has increased rate accidents due to distracted driving. This is the main reason why the States National Transportation Safety Board has called lawmakers to ban use of gadgets during drive. Therefore, comply with texting and gadget use rules. Concentrate on the road.

It is easy to stay safe while driving. Commitment with rules and regulations is what everyone needs to show. In all, everyone must know their rights as well as responsibilities when they are on road.

 Author Bio: Christina is a writer working for a network of auto transport companies. Her writings covers transportation problems, auto transport reviews and testimonials, relocation analysis, consumer affairs and vehicle shipping, and many more. She also is a car enthusiasts..

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