Monday, 5 November 2012

Hurricane Sandy Fallout – 4751 Auto Dealers are Effected in States

When we say Hurricane Sandy is gone, we only mean about the climate phenomena. However, other impacts of this strong blow on various ongoing businesses especially automotive industry will take time. Due to Sandy Storm, about 4751 automotive dealerships in United States are affected. Many of them were found invigorating their dealerships for the storm while others tried to move their stock to high ground.

It is not the first time natural disasters battering businesses. However, its timing was worst for most of auto dealers. Hurricane arriving at the end of month has deprived many dealerships to reach their monthly landmarks. Just when auto sellers were looking to court shoppers and offering discounts to meet their monthly quotas, Sandy forced to stop all activities.

The auto sales in East Coasts and major parts of country were shut down for two days because of Sandy Storm. Even thought business is getting back to normal life but auto dealers in weather-affected areas will take time to recover from Sandy. Especially businesses in New York and New Jersey, where 2.3 and 2.6 million people respectively, will need to wait until it gets fine.  Power outages may last for new week or two, which is why the business of selling cars in Northeast will have to suffer.

The only good thing about the auto sales is that Hurricane Sandy did not change the sales stats predicted by dealerships experts. It is not the first time that auto sales are not up to the mark in October. Traditionally, the sales in the month of October have always been on the lowest side. In all, annualized auto selling rate may be a little damp but appears to be emerging as the East Coast recovers from Hurricane Sandy.

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