Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Fraudulent Auto Shipping Companies – Doing Illegal in a Legal Way

how to ship a car
While federal agencies such as US Department of Transportation and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration are changing policies regarding auto shipping scams, fraudsters are also changing their tactics to lure consumers. The changing policies have changed mind of rogue auto transporters and they now do illegal in a legal way. As a result of these change of tactics, fake companies are yet able to surprise consumers quite surprisingly. Even customers who know auto shipping process very well are becoming victim of these fraudsters. Therefore, it is imperative to educate consumers on what is trending to ensure they do not become a victim of such fraudulent auto shippers.

A Registered Auto Shipper is Not Necessarily Reliable
About two years back, people only used to consider legitimacy of car shipping company prior to hiring it. If it were registered, they used to hire it. However, with law being restricted, fake companies, that used to disappear after picking car, do not exist. Almost every auto shipper is registered with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). Therefore, you cannot discriminate between fake and reliable auto movers. However, you can minimize the risks by seeing what you are complying too i.e. auto shipping agreement.

Auto Shipping Agreement is the only Legal/Authentic Binding between You and your Auto Mover
 Most fraudsters know the fact that consumers do not even bother to read what is writing in the car shipping agreement. So they take advantage of your ignorance with terms and conditions of shipping car with them. In case you miss out reading a term, they will get a chance to make most money out of you. Therefore, to avoid these things with your next transportation venture, you ought to check following things before signing vehicle transport contract:

Check Cancellation Details
The foremost tactic used by fraudulent companies is cancelling contract but not refunding full deposit. A considerable percentage will be deducted from your deposited amount. So do not forget to check cancellation terms. While you deal with auto mover, consider following two suggestions:
1.       Ask it to guarantee you that your contract will not be cancelled. If it does, get it in writing form.
2.       In case your contract is cancelled, you will get full deposit in refund.

Make Sure Your Car is Insured
Some auto movers write car-shipping agreement in a way that you are agreeing not to get your car insured for transportation process. So if your car undergoes a car accident, you would not be able to claim. Therefore, make sure you car is fully covered for transportation process.

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Friday, 7 December 2012

Select Shipping Services Sensibly to Make the Process Economical

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It is a common approach, that whenever we want to avail any service or buy any product, we always focus on two major aspects, what it will cost and how it will serve use. It also happens when any one of us plans to take the shipping services of any auto moving company. We all focus on how much does it cost to ship a car and what are the benefits of hiring any auto mover. The concern is right, as car is an investment and its protection while shipping is of utmost importance.

However, it is vital to understand that the cost of shipping is entirely dependent on the choice of car owner. The more services the car owner will take, the more he will have to pay against his vehicle transportation, and it makes sense. Thus, in order to enjoy economical transportation, every car owner must take auto shipping services sensibly. The key for this can be to focus what you actually need in order to hire transportation services accordingly. For example, if you want to hire most economical transport facility then your must select open auto carrier instead of enclosed car carrier. Similarly, if you can manage to pick and drop your vehicle at the defined location of the auto mover then to make shipping process economical, you can hire terminal-to-terminal services. Keep in mind that sacrificing quality and facility just for the cost is not advisable, however, hiring any service out of your budget does not make any sense too. 

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Tuesday, 4 December 2012

3 Winter Car Maintenance Tips

It has been four days now December has started and you might have already experienced the first frost coated on windscreen of your car. As winter continues to be colder, you must give some thoughts to your vehicle to cope with common winter issues you might face during cold season. Otherwise, your winter will spend using scraper on windshield. So to avoid this annoyance, consider following winter maintenance tips for your car:

Avoid Organic Substances In and Around Your Car
Snowfall and leaves failing off from trees are two of the common things that occur in winters. While snow can freeze your car’s functionality, organic substances such as leaves and twigs can cause a big havoc to your car as they often do to gutters in your house. While debris and leaves build around your vehicle, processes such as corrosion initiate due to air moisture. This corrosion can easily catch vehicle exterior that should be avoided.
To avoid corrosion occurring to your car, you should park your car in a garage and keep the area clean from debris. Besides, do not forget open sunroof everyone once in a while on a sunny day.

Check Your Tires
You might not think of changing tires because they are labeled with “all-season” tag. All season tires are in market for decades but they do not do well when there is snow.  Car slipping and sliding off from road is what you might experience on a snow day. This can cause accident too. Therefore, use perfect tires for winter season. Do proper search via online or referrals to ensure what type of winter tires best fit your car.

Get Bigger Lights

Winter season is mostly dark as sun comes out seldom. So to get through with winter’s gloomy and short days, you need to ensure headlights are perfect to lighten your way. Getting bigger lights for your car will definitely help you to stay safe while driving.

Vehicle gets inoperable is what most people experience while travelling across country in winters. If you experience such problem with your car while moving out to a distant location, we as a professional network of auto transporters can help you in bringing your car to desired place. Click discover more info to see what you need to know.

Monday, 3 December 2012

10 Ways to Save on Fuel Consumption

Having a car is big comfort, but when your car is not fuel-efficient, it becomes a big havoc. With rising fuel costs, optimizing your fuel cost is imperative to restrict your transportation cost. It is possible only when you understand importance of minor tips that influence entire cost. Here are few major and minor tips that if you take care, you can easily save on fuel:

  • Car tires are the only part of vehicles that touch road. Make sure the tires are properly inflated to the desired air pressure level. Inappropriately inflated tires require extra force, which consumes extra fuel.
  • A well-tuned vehicle consumes less fuel as compared to malfunctioning engine. Therefore, take your vehicle for tuning every once in a month.
  • Believe it or not, the total weight in the car also influences fuel. A stuffed down car uses more fuel. Therefore, do not consider your car as an auto shipping container. Take all of your personal belongings having considerable weight out of car.
  • Vehicle engine starts knocking when you use high-octane gasoline. Therefore, use gasoline having lowest octane number to ensure engine works fine. It will also have least impact on fuel consumption.
  • Some gas stations charge extra if you use credit cards. So whenever you go to such gas stations for filling, make sure you have cash to pay.
  • The way you drive your car has direct impacts on vehicle condition as well as fuel consumption. Therefore, do not speed much as well as do not drive too slowly.
  • Turn off engine if you think it will take a significant time at red light.
  • Pedaling brakes or accelerator while vehicle is in rest also consumes extra fuel. Therefore, be sure you do not do it when it is not required.
  • Fuel prices vary pump to pump in various areas. Find out stations that offer quality gas at low rates.
  • Do not let the gas getting out of tank. For that, make sure the gas cap is tightened.
Driving is not always the solutions especially when you need to move across country. So when you need  move to distant locations, choose shipping services of a professional auto transport company such as ( Since shipping costs less as compared to driving. Hence, you will save a considerable amount too.