Tuesday, 4 December 2012

3 Winter Car Maintenance Tips

It has been four days now December has started and you might have already experienced the first frost coated on windscreen of your car. As winter continues to be colder, you must give some thoughts to your vehicle to cope with common winter issues you might face during cold season. Otherwise, your winter will spend using scraper on windshield. So to avoid this annoyance, consider following winter maintenance tips for your car:

Avoid Organic Substances In and Around Your Car
Snowfall and leaves failing off from trees are two of the common things that occur in winters. While snow can freeze your car’s functionality, organic substances such as leaves and twigs can cause a big havoc to your car as they often do to gutters in your house. While debris and leaves build around your vehicle, processes such as corrosion initiate due to air moisture. This corrosion can easily catch vehicle exterior that should be avoided.
To avoid corrosion occurring to your car, you should park your car in a garage and keep the area clean from debris. Besides, do not forget open sunroof everyone once in a while on a sunny day.

Check Your Tires
You might not think of changing tires because they are labeled with “all-season” tag. All season tires are in market for decades but they do not do well when there is snow.  Car slipping and sliding off from road is what you might experience on a snow day. This can cause accident too. Therefore, use perfect tires for winter season. Do proper search via online or referrals to ensure what type of winter tires best fit your car.

Get Bigger Lights

Winter season is mostly dark as sun comes out seldom. So to get through with winter’s gloomy and short days, you need to ensure headlights are perfect to lighten your way. Getting bigger lights for your car will definitely help you to stay safe while driving.

Vehicle gets inoperable is what most people experience while travelling across country in winters. If you experience such problem with your car while moving out to a distant location, we as a professional network of auto transporters can help you in bringing your car to desired place. Click discover more info to see what you need to know.


  1. Had real trouble with my headlights last winter, will never make that mistake again! Had to miss out on a cinema night and go hunting for some friendly mechanics in the morning all throughout Chelmsley Wood, Kingshurst came through in the end. Will not be leaving it that late to replace my bulbs this year.

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