Monday, 3 December 2012

10 Ways to Save on Fuel Consumption

Having a car is big comfort, but when your car is not fuel-efficient, it becomes a big havoc. With rising fuel costs, optimizing your fuel cost is imperative to restrict your transportation cost. It is possible only when you understand importance of minor tips that influence entire cost. Here are few major and minor tips that if you take care, you can easily save on fuel:

  • Car tires are the only part of vehicles that touch road. Make sure the tires are properly inflated to the desired air pressure level. Inappropriately inflated tires require extra force, which consumes extra fuel.
  • A well-tuned vehicle consumes less fuel as compared to malfunctioning engine. Therefore, take your vehicle for tuning every once in a month.
  • Believe it or not, the total weight in the car also influences fuel. A stuffed down car uses more fuel. Therefore, do not consider your car as an auto shipping container. Take all of your personal belongings having considerable weight out of car.
  • Vehicle engine starts knocking when you use high-octane gasoline. Therefore, use gasoline having lowest octane number to ensure engine works fine. It will also have least impact on fuel consumption.
  • Some gas stations charge extra if you use credit cards. So whenever you go to such gas stations for filling, make sure you have cash to pay.
  • The way you drive your car has direct impacts on vehicle condition as well as fuel consumption. Therefore, do not speed much as well as do not drive too slowly.
  • Turn off engine if you think it will take a significant time at red light.
  • Pedaling brakes or accelerator while vehicle is in rest also consumes extra fuel. Therefore, be sure you do not do it when it is not required.
  • Fuel prices vary pump to pump in various areas. Find out stations that offer quality gas at low rates.
  • Do not let the gas getting out of tank. For that, make sure the gas cap is tightened.
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