Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Fraudulent Auto Shipping Companies – Doing Illegal in a Legal Way

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While federal agencies such as US Department of Transportation and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration are changing policies regarding auto shipping scams, fraudsters are also changing their tactics to lure consumers. The changing policies have changed mind of rogue auto transporters and they now do illegal in a legal way. As a result of these change of tactics, fake companies are yet able to surprise consumers quite surprisingly. Even customers who know auto shipping process very well are becoming victim of these fraudsters. Therefore, it is imperative to educate consumers on what is trending to ensure they do not become a victim of such fraudulent auto shippers.

A Registered Auto Shipper is Not Necessarily Reliable
About two years back, people only used to consider legitimacy of car shipping company prior to hiring it. If it were registered, they used to hire it. However, with law being restricted, fake companies, that used to disappear after picking car, do not exist. Almost every auto shipper is registered with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). Therefore, you cannot discriminate between fake and reliable auto movers. However, you can minimize the risks by seeing what you are complying too i.e. auto shipping agreement.

Auto Shipping Agreement is the only Legal/Authentic Binding between You and your Auto Mover
 Most fraudsters know the fact that consumers do not even bother to read what is writing in the car shipping agreement. So they take advantage of your ignorance with terms and conditions of shipping car with them. In case you miss out reading a term, they will get a chance to make most money out of you. Therefore, to avoid these things with your next transportation venture, you ought to check following things before signing vehicle transport contract:

Check Cancellation Details
The foremost tactic used by fraudulent companies is cancelling contract but not refunding full deposit. A considerable percentage will be deducted from your deposited amount. So do not forget to check cancellation terms. While you deal with auto mover, consider following two suggestions:
1.       Ask it to guarantee you that your contract will not be cancelled. If it does, get it in writing form.
2.       In case your contract is cancelled, you will get full deposit in refund.

Make Sure Your Car is Insured
Some auto movers write car-shipping agreement in a way that you are agreeing not to get your car insured for transportation process. So if your car undergoes a car accident, you would not be able to claim. Therefore, make sure you car is fully covered for transportation process.

Make sure you hire professional auto transport companies such as to avoid regretful car shipping experiences.


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