Thursday, 8 November 2012

Federal Agencies Can help you to Avoid Auto Moving Fraudsters

Avoiding scams while availing auto transport services is important to avoid regretful car shipping experience. Numbers of complaints have been filed against auto shipping frauds in last couple of years because of which educating customers on this important issue is important. A number of ways can be used to avoid auto shipping scams, but checking with federal transportation and law enforcement agencies is the best way to check whether your mover is a fraud or legitimate operator. If you need to check your mover, consider checking it with following agencies:

All transportation companies are required to register with US Department of Transportation (USDOT) under a unique DOT or MC number. A company is legitimate if it is registered with DOT. The record of auto transport companies operating is managed and regulated by FMCSA, which is a special department of USDOT. If you are hiring a car transport company, you must get its DOT number to verify it with FMCSA. You can do it by visiting website of FMCSA or accessing SAFER System ( Make sure the company you are hiring has an active DOT number.

It is another agency from which you can check whether you car transport company reliable or not. By using the “Search a Mover” option you can check your car transporter’s legitimacy and complaint history. However for that, you should know have its DBA (doing business as) number.

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  1. The file of auto transport companies working is managed and controlled by FMCSA, which is a particular division of USDOT. In case you are hiring a car transport company, you will need to get its DOT quantity to confirm it with FMCSA