Monday, 12 November 2012

Classic Car Owners Must Use Expedited Car Delivery Services

Usually there are no safety concerns when it comes to transporting traditional or ordinary vehicles across country. But you certainly cannot compromise on the safety if the car is classic and extra ordinary. Special vehicles need exceptional and expedited services while they are moved to greater distances. For example if you need to move it across the country, driving can be quite daunting for both you and the car. While long drive can be a stressful activity for you, the car may exhaust as well. Therefore, you should avoid driving and choose auto-shipping services of a reliable company.

While you will be traveling via air or train, your car will be in transit to same location where you are moving. However, it requires you to choose expedited services. Transportation of classic or extraordinary car requires express services and special care. For that, you should not forget about following two essential services:

Enclosed Auto Transport Trailers

Without any doubt, open auto carriers are safe and cost effective. However, it is risky when it comes to transporting an extraordinary vehicle such as a convertible car. The vehicle is exposed to open air that means, it can get into roadside dangers. Therefore, to have risk free car shipping, you need advanced transportation mode such as an enclosed auto transport trailer. The car is stored and transported inside a closed container, which prevents it from outside risky factors. Unlike open carriers, enclosed trailers cover car completely which means there would not be any affects of changing climate on vehicle exterior. Even though it is on a little expensive side, but people who know the worth of having a classic car, would always be interested in expedited instead low cost services.

Car Shipping Insurance

Considering their own car insurance, many people ask auto movers to eliminate charges of auto transport insurance. It really reduces cost of shipping car to a considerable level but at the same time, it is equivalent to compromising on safety. Therefore, you should not be committing this mistake while dealing with an auto mover. The car transporters carry a minimum of $50,000 insurance, which is not enough if your car is damaged during transportation. Therefore, to avoid putting your car on risk, you should get your classic car fully insured. Check the automobile transport insurance policy details and regulations to see the type of damages for which your car is covered.

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