Friday, 17 August 2012

Car Shipping Options

If you are thinking of shipping your vehicle across the country, you may want to know the process and relevant information on car shipping process. The following information will help you to beware of the whole process and in making an informed choice to have a worry free experience.

Cost of Vehicle Shipping Services

The first thing you would want to know how much does it cost to ship a car? The cost varies company to company but to get economical car shipping rates, you must get multiple quotes from various companies and be ready to provide following information:
  •          Pick up and drop off location including Zip codes
  •          Type of vehicle
  •          Preferred vehicle transport options
  •          Sort of vehicle(s)

Vehicle Transport Options

In order to get an accurate quote to be able to make right decisions, knowing your vehicle transport requirements is imperative. You will be given following options for shipping car among which you will have to pick up those that meeting your requirements best:

  •         Delivery Services: The car shipping companies give you to option of either shipping vehicle at your doorstep or receive it from a terminal point of company. Your decision should be based on your feasibility and budget. If you are not willing to pay more for shipping vehicle, you should choose terminal-to-terminal services because it is inexpensive. The cost of door-to-door delivery services is high because it disconnects the auto mover from the main route, which consumes more fuel.

  •        Auto Trailers: You will need to choose between open and enclosed transportation. There are different approaches regarding selection of auto carriers. However, most people agree to choose enclosed car carriers only when they need to transport classic or luxury cars. Otherwise, open car carriers are safe and inexpensive.

  •         Functional and Non-Functional Vehicles: You will also need to inform auto shipper about condition of your vehicle. Operable or functional vehicles are easy to load on trailers while non-functional vehicles need special equipments to be driven onto the truck. Therefore, make sure you inform car shipper about functionality of your vehicle in advance.

  •         Car Shipping Insurance: You will also need to determine whether you need a car shipping insurance or not. For that to decide, you should call your insurance company to know the status of your own car insurance policy. If it covers your vehicle for auto transportation, do not get a separate insurance.

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