Tuesday, 7 August 2012

A Guide to Online Vehicle Purchasing

Nowadays, many people are inclined towards purchasing vehicles through online auctions like EBay and Autodesk. Online purchasing enables people to purchase their dream vehicles at affordable rates. However, due to growing online frauds, many customers have concerns about purchasing vehicle and giving certain details online. However, it is a fact that people who get scammed are among ill-prepared customers. It is quite strange that people spend a week online for a trip to US, but do not research prior to buying a $25,000 car. 

The key to avoid online fraudsters is to be aware of simple online shopping tips. Here are some of the important points you should be considering while purchasing a vehicle online:

  •        Always, consider websites that are referred to you by credible sources or familiar. For example, EBay, Autodesk, Carsdirect, are Cars.com are some of familiar and reliable online auctions for purchasing vehicles.

  •          Everything runs through your browser therefore, make sure your browser is set at a highest level of security monitoring. Moreover, it is advised to use up to date versions of your browsers as a recent version often comes up with improved security features. Internet Explorer and Netscape browsers are considered best for this purpose.

  •              When dealing with an automotive dealer online, do not forget to make a record of its landline number, postal address, and account number. If these are unavailable, do not consider doing business with it.

  •         Check payment method as it is a viable way of knowing reliability of dealers. Scammers will require you to make full payment in advance and mostly they ask you to transfer it via Western Union. However, reliable automotive dealers have always their own traceable accounts and they never ask for a full deposit in advance.

  •        Since, you will need car shipping services for shipping your vehicle to home, make sure the dealer knows all the required documentation and preparation required prior to transporting vehicle.

  •           Never ever, disclose your cars PIN number to anyone including the automotive dealer you are doing business with.

  •           Prior to considering an automotive dealer, you must check its ratings and comments by past buyers.

  •          It is always recommended to compare different automotive dealers. It will enable you to identify the one offering the same vehicle at competitive prices.

       These seven points will surely help you to avoid online scams while purchasing vehicles online.

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