Thursday, 23 August 2012

Benefits of Enclosed Car Transportation and Car Shipping Insurance

Even though vehicle shippers (AutoTransportDepot.Com) take special care of car while it is being transported, but you cannot take risk. This is why getting car shipping insurance and choosing enclosed car transportation is very important. Choosing both while requesting quotes is an ideal for securing your car shipping insurance. Here is a little information why you should prefer car shipping insurance and enclosed car carriers:

Enclosed Transportation

Open and enclosed vehicle transportation are the two main methods for transporting vehicles across the country. Open is the most traditional way of relocating cars but it is recommended to ship car in enclosed car carriers if you are not short of money. Five to seven vehicles are being transported at a same time, which is why chances of scratches and other damages increase in open transportation. In addition, if you are transporting a car whose exterior is sensitive, then it might be affected of bad weather during relocation. Therefore, you should choose enclosed transportation in which the vehicle is stored inside a container for transportation. It offers great protection as compared to any other method of getting vehicles shipped safely. However, it is expensive but people, who know the worth of having a car, will not consider this factor.

Car Shipping Insurance

You may be advised not to get a car shipping insurance because your own vehicle insurance is enough. This is not true in most cases because there are few insurance companies that include auto transportation in their insurance coverage for vehicles. Even if your vehicle insurance covers it, the amount would not be enough. Therefore, you should get a separate car shipping insurance regardless of the status of your vehicle insurance. There are number of reasons why you should get a car shipping insurance. The foremost is the probability of vehicle being mishandled by auto shipper. In any case, car shipping company will be liable if anything goes wrong while your vehicle is transported. However, it depends on coverage amount also. Therefore, if you thing the coverage amount is not enough, ask car transporter to provide additional coverage amount. It may increase your vehicle shipping rates but will secure your transportation process. Along with these, do not forget to read the terms and conditions of insurance policy. Make sure you get everything in written form signed by the company. It is necessary to keep documented proof of insurance policy.

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