Friday, 3 August 2012

Tips for Avoiding Online Car Shipping Scams

Nowadays, vehicles have become an integral part of everyone’s life due to which vehicle sales/purchase is increasing exponentially. People are frequently purchasing vehicles from automotive dealers. Along with this increase in vehicle purchase, demand for quality vehicle transport services is also increasing also. Statistics show that most people are purchasing vehicles from online auctions like E-bay and auto selling sites, which is why they need auto shipping services for shipping newly purchased vehicles to desired addresses

Since online car purchasing is increasing, demand for vehicle shipping services is increasing and along with these two, there is growing online auto transport scamming. Therefore, customers are required to beware of it. Number of online auto shipping companies that apparently seem to be legitimate but in fact, they are not. Therefore, it is advised to verify the company’s accreditation properly prior to sending money or signing contract. By considering following important information, you can easily avoid these scammers:

Never Pay in Advance

Inexperienced as well as fake companies ask people to deposit a full shipping fee in advance that you should not. Most of the companies ask you to pay after shipping while some others demand a portion of fee in advance. Prefer dealing with the company asking you to pay after shipping.

Never Pay through Western Union

All legitimate and professional car transporters have their own traceable accounts. So, you should not pay to a company, if it is asking you to pay via Western Union.

Check SaferSys Information

You must ask the company to provide its registration details and verify it with FMCSA’s SaferSysdatabase. Scammers would not provide DOT number because they are never registered with Department of Transportation. However, if a company is providing you its DOT detail, you should log onto Safersys.Org to check its safety record and other registration details. Carefully analyze the information to make sure it is registered as well as insured. Moreover, check safety record to see its rating by Federal Motor Carrier and Safety Administration (FMCSA). It will enable you to judge whether auto shipper meets the auto shipping standards or not.


  1. My father bought a 1968 Chevy Nova off of Craigslist. He has wanted a Nova his whole life. Problem is, its all the way in Germany and we are in Texas. I found an overseas car shipping company that was willing to go and get it. I am glad I didn't pay in advance or through Western Union. He has no clue its on its way here, I can't wait to see his face when the car comes rolling up. Thanks for the great tips!

  2. Great post David! Even though I have not dealt with car shipping personally, I usually ship my packages with Home direct usa. Even though I have heard rumors of a homedirectusa scam , I know for a fact those are all untrue. I have used them multiple times over the past couple of years to ship and receive packages and have had absolutely no problems. Everything is always handles with care and delivered in a timely fashion,thank you for sharing with us!

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