Thursday, 22 March 2012

Factors that Decide Auto Transport Rates for Customers

Transporting cars to different locations is becoming common these days due to many reasons. One of the reasons is globalization due to which professionals are relocating with their families to other cities or countries in order to find out better career opportunities. Besides this, various students are also moving to other locations in order to carry on further studies for better future. In both the cases, people prefer to take their cars along with them to their new destinations, as car is an asset and cannot be purchased on frequent basis especially when the markets and surroundings are not familiar.
In order to ship the vehicle, it is always recommended to hire a company as driving the vehicle on your own will not be possible in every case. Various car shipping companies can easily be found on the internet. You just have to conduct an effective research for finding the professional and reliable car shipping company. Once you will get the list of few car shipping companies, then the next step will be contacting them for requesting auto transport rates. The car shipping companies charge these rates against the shipping services they provide to their customers. One can get free quotes from different companies in order to evaluate the rates of transportation. However, it is important to understand that auto transport rates vary from customer to customer, as vehicle shipping companies charge different rates from them after considering the following factors:

1.       The type of vehicle the customer wants to ship. The car shipping companies charge high prices to ship exotic and classic vehicles.
2.       The size of the vehicle also matters in defining rate. Large and bulky vehicles are usually expensive to ship as compare to the small vehicles. 
3.       Working condition of the vehicle is also an important factor based on which the car shipping companies decide auto transport rates. If the vehicle is not in working condition then the shipping rates will be high.
4.       The name and repute of the car shipping company also plays an important role in deciding auto transport rates. For example, if the car shipping company is popular for providing quality shipping facilities to the customers then the shipping charges will be more as compare to any other vehicle shipping company. 

Beside these above-mentioned factors that affect shipping rates, the type of shipping service you select to ship your vehicle, also create an impact on the auto transport rates. For example, door-to door and enclosed shipping services are little expensive than terminal-to terminal and open shipping facilities are.


  1. The type of vehicle the customer wants to ship. The car shipping companies charge high prices to ship exotic and classic vehicles.

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