Friday, 28 September 2012

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers for Auto Shipping

When it comes to moving a vehicle with help of a car shipping company, some people especially those know nothing about it, will have tons of questions regarding the process. Here are some commonly asked car shipping questions and their answers:

The cost to ship a car changes company to company. In addition, it depends on how you choose services. Car shipping rates are usually influenced by numerous factors such as car carrier, delivery options, insurance coverage, and additional services. However, the overall cost does not exceed much. According to several transportation experts, cost of auto shipping services seldom exceeds the expenses of relocating the vehicle on your own. Therefore, cost should not be a much of concern when a vehicle needs to be transported at a greater distance, it will always be cost effective than driving along the way down to reach the destined place.

What is the best way to secure my car?

Usually, you do not need to worry about safety of vehicle during transportation, if hire experienced and dependable auto shippers. Nevertheless, choosing enclosed auto transportation and insuring the process is the best way to ensure safety of vehicle. In enclosed auto transportation, you car is shipped inside a close container that offers it more safety. The car shipping insurance enables you to claim money, in case your vehicle is damaged while it is being shipped.

Can I transport my stuff along with my car?

The car shipping rates depend on size and weight of car needed to transport. Therefore, to avoid charges, you should not prefer even the shipper allows you. This is also not viable option to ship stuff because if anything is misplaced or stolen during transportation, you would not be able to claim. The car shipping insurance only covers your car not the stuff.

Do I always need an extra coverage amount for shipping insurance?

No. All companies are required (By Law) to provide a minimum of $50,000 liability amount, if it mishandles the vehicle during transportation. This is a considerable amount for any kind of car repair if the car is damaged. However, you should read the policy carefully. Check the scenarios and type of damages being covered in policy. If you think that you should check certain other possible scenarios, you should choose it as an additional coverage.

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