Wednesday, 17 October 2012

A Tour to Jay Leno’s Garage

Many people may know Jay Leno as a famous standup comedy superstar making thousands of fans laugh in his show “The Tonight Show.” However, he is a celebrity in terms of owning cars, too. He is said to have passion cars. On his site Jay Leno’s Garage, he regularly posts and blogs about all his cool and amazing rides. Here is the list of some extraordinary classic and superb cars inside Jay Leno’s Garage:


It is one among the smallest antique cars that Jay Leno owns. FIAT TOPOLINO can hold only five gallons of fuel at a time. As compared to other antiques, Topolino is slow with top speed of 53 mph. With 569 cc four-cylinder water-cooled engine, it can travel 40 miles per gallon. Even though there are not much of these cars left, Jay Leno’s garage keeps this antique rides of the century.

Stanley Steamer

In the early 1900s, Stanley Steamer became the popular vehicles of that time because their steam power engines take over gasoline. Stanley Steamer is another antique car, which has a long history because of being a royal ride. Though it is not available in automotive industry, but luckily, it is preserved in Leno’s Garage.

McLaren MP4-12C

Last year when McLaren MP4-12C was released, Jay Leno was among the few car enthusiasts who purchased it at its first release. The car has 3.8-liter V-8 and carbon fiber framework, which makes it both functional and stylish.

Besides these, the Jay Leno’s Garage has 2006 Ecojet, Mercedes 300SL. 2007 Ariel Atom, and many others about which you can find out from his site.

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