Thursday, 4 October 2012

Two Extraordinary Cars Yet to be Launched in 2012

From 16 cylinder cars, track starts, and GTs to EVs, this Olympic year 2012 came up with a lot of new, dynamic, and innovative cars. With introduction of hundred of new models, the 2012 cars have given car enthusiasts to enjoy one amazing lifetime drives. Besides this, several vehicles are yet not launched yet. However, they might be released just before 2012 end. Out of so many cars to be launched in industry, following 2012 cars are expected to be on top of the deck:

McLaren F1 Heir Apparent

While the car enthusiasts will still be enjoying the previous models including legendary F1 hyper car, the automotive world will get a glimpse of F1 hyper car’s successor F1 Heir Apparent at the end of this 2012. Even though nobody knows what it will look like, but so many promises and perfectionism in previous models being made by Formula 1 team, can enable anyone to judge the kind of vehicle McLaren will deliver. The team has promised to come up with a fuel-efficient car having 800+ engine horsepower and enhanced accelerating features that one can expect from McLaren.

Alfa Romeo 4C

Alfa Romeo 4C is another extraordinary vehicle expected to be launched at the end of this year with its substantially exciting and joyful two-seated demand. Unlike any other sport car, it will be in well within the buying capacity of car buyers. The expected starting price is $ 35,000. However, the prices may increase, as the car will become a dream car of every driving enthusiast.

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