Tuesday, 10 July 2012

SaferBus Mobile Application to find Reliable Auto Carrier

If you are planning to ship a car with the help of an auto transport company, then look certain things before you book. The safety of your vehicle should be the top priority while hiring an auto transporter. Therefore, the customers are advised to focus on quality services instead of looking for cheap rates. Do not risk your vehicle by making a premature decision. Most customers do not consider the necessary things while hiring the services of an auto shipping company. They just end up signing a contract by just getting quotes and reading auto shipping reviews without considering other particulars of the auto shipper.

Customers are advised not to follow this approach because it often leads them to hire wrong auto shipping companies that become the reason why vehicle is damaged during the process. The key to get your vehicle shipped safely is in hiring an expert auto shipping company. There are number of ways through which you can know the expertise and legitimacy of an auto shipper. However, recently the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has launched a free SaferBus App for users to help them hire reputable auto services.
The SaferBus mobile application is specifically designed to provide information about Bus companies. However, it is also useful to know the safety record of most auto shipping carriers. With the help of SaferBus Mobile application, you can easily verify DOT and MC number of the carriers you are choosing to transport your vehicle. Following are main features of SaferBus that provide easy access to companies’ safety information:

Authority and Insurance Status: The SaferBus mobile app prevents customers from the illegal interstate auto shipping companies. Customers should not hire the services of an interstate auto shipping company that does not have an active DOT and Insurance number.

Safety Performance Records: With the help of SaferBus mobile app, you can view the safety performance records of the companies registered with FMCSA. This data will provide an insight of company’s performance that will enable you to know the expertise of auto carrier.

File a Complaint: The SaferSys mobile application is developed by Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to help people hire the right auto companies. The application is directly linked with FMCSA Consumer Complaint Database that allows customers to file complaint against the services of a company.

Thus, you should use SaferBus application for finding reputable auto carriers. In order to know more about SaferBus, visit the FMCSA website to know the FAQs related SaferBus app.

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