Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Tips for Transporting Vehicle at Affordable Rates

Nowadays, everyone prefers to ship vehicle with the help of auto shipping companies, if it is required to move to a far location. However, there is some cost associated with auto shipping services that sometimes becomes unaffordable for people. People, who are looking for auto transport services at affordable rates, can reduce the cost of auto shipping services, if they understand the cost determining factors.

The following are some useful tips that will help you to keep the vehicle transport rates within your budget:

Choose Open Car Carriers
The cost of auto shipping services heavily depends on the car carriers you are hiring for transporting your vehicle. Both open and enclosed car carriers are considered safe.

Since you are looking for affordable auto shipping rates, you must choose open car transportation while requesting a car transport quote because it costs less as compared to enclosed car transportation. You must not be hesitant in choosing open car carriers because more than 80% auto transport activities are accomplished successfully through this method.

Choose Terminal-to-Terminal Services

In order to lower the car shipping rates, you must choose terminal-to-terminal auto shipping services because the door-to-door auto shipping services are expensive.

Look for Discounts

Most of the people do not ask for the available discounts on shipping vehicles. Many companies offer discounted rates to military people, students, and senior citizens. Therefore, you must ask for the available discounts for you. It may also help you to lower the amount of vehicle transportation price.

Do not Insure the Vehicle Shipping Process

You must not get a vehicle shipping insurance for securing the auto shipping process. Many people including company’s officials to get a car shipping insurance because it secures the process. However, you must not worry about the safety of your vehicle because all companies value the assets of their customers while it is being transported.

In addition, you must not get the car shipping insurance because your own car insurance covers your vehicle for auto transportation as well. In case, your vehicle is damaged during the vehicle transport process, you will still be able to make a claim because the auto carriers are always insured that cover your vehicle as well.

Avoid Additional Services

The auto transporter will offer you additional services such as GPS tracking services, customer toll free, and minute-to-minute text updates. However, you must avoid acquiring the additional services in order to keep the car shipping rates within your budget.

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