Monday, 23 July 2012

What to Look in an Auto Transport Company before Signing Contract

The auto shipping companies can help you to transport the vehicle, if it is required to ship at a far location. When it comes shipping a vehicle across the country, choosing vehicle transport services is far better than driving it yourself. The car shipping services are beneficial in many ways. However, the biggest advantage is you can save money because shipping a standard size vehicle mostly costs less than relocating the vehicle on your own. Therefore, you should prefer auto transport services.
However, you cannot trust a car shipping company in the industry without confirming its reliability. Remember, not all car transport companies can ship your vehicle safely. There are inexperienced and fake vehicle transporters operating as well. The safety of your vehicle totally depends on the vehicle shipping your are hiring. Therefore, you must consider professional auto transport companies that are best known for their shipping services. Make sure the company you hire fits the following criterion:

Authorized and Insured
The auto shipper must be registered with the federal agencies such as the Department of Transportation and Federal Moving Carrier and Safety Administration. You must check it with the Federal Maritime Commission, if you are hiring an ocean transporter. Visit the website of FMCSA and log onto the SaferSys database in order to verify the company’s registration. By entering its official name or the USDOT number, you will be able to view the safety record and legitimate details of vehicle transporter.

Carefully analyze the record and make sure it has an active DOT number. Also, check whether it has an MC number or not. The MC number will ensure you the company is insured as well.

Check with Better Business Bureau
It is always a better idea to verify the company with Better Business Bureau (BBB) as well to make sure it does not unresolved complaints on its account. The vehicle shipping companies with the unresolved complaints are considered non-professional and irresponsible. Therefore, you should avoid, if your auto shipper has bad BBB ratings.

Check Payment Methods
Some companies require a full deposit in advance for shipping the vehicles. You must avoid such car transporters as they may get money in advance and ignoring you later. Always hire the company which requires does not ask for full initial deposit.


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